Tips for Opening a Juice Bar

There is a strong demand for tasty and nutritious beverages to drink on the go, and this demand makes juice bars very profitable. But competition can be stiff, especially if there are multiple juice bars in your area.

Here are some tips you can follow to open a juice bar that can outshine the competition.

Learn from the best

Study successful juice bars to avoid making beginner’s mistakes. Analyse the products and marketing strategies of successful juice bars that you know of. Some key aspects you could look into are their top sellers, brand message and customer service. Try to determine their target demographic and how you can apply their approach to your own brand. This would also help you gauge the taste of the demographic you might cater to.

Establish a business plan

Your business plan should cover expected costs and projected income. Part of this would require you to assess the cost of your prospective space. Whether you decide to rent or to buy, make sure that you will be spending within your means. Look for an area that is far from competitive juice bars and where customers can easily access you.

The cost of the juice bar supplies you need is essential when making your business plan. This includes juice ingredients, industrial kitchen equipment, furniture, cleaning supplies, and business software programs. Also determine the costs for licenses, permits and how much liability insurance is needed for your business.

It should also contain how many employees you need for your juice bar and how much their annual salaries would cost. Make an outline for your marketing budget, which includes online and print advertisement, promotional offers, and maybe even TV commercials.

Find a viable product source

The ingredients for the products in your juice bar should always be fresh. Try looking for a local wholesale supplier that can supply your fruits, vegetables and ice. If you are planning to sell protein shakes, consider finding a wholesale food store that sells whey protein. Choose the food store that could offer you everything you need at the lowest cost, and work the costs into your operating budget.

Set up your menu

Write down the juice products you plan on selling and calculate the appropriate prices for every item. If you are looking to expand the range of your juice bar menu, consider adding milkshakes, iced coffee, iced tea, and fresh lemonade. Do not hesitate to try new mixes, but make sure that everything on the menu ties up with the concept. Set your prices at a point that would allow you to profit while still being competitive.

Plan your bar launch

Juice in a bottle

You should prepare for your opening day early on. Your staff should be properly trained and ready to serve customers. Consider doing multiple test runs before opening your store to allow you to test the software program, and teach employees to validate coupons and delete cancelled orders from the system. Every aspect of your operations should run perfectly before your launch date. All members of your team must also be absolutely clear on how to handle any situation that can arise in your juice bar.

Consistently providing quality products and excellent customer service are parts of a great marketing strategy. If your customers are satisfied, they would be likely to recommend your juice bar to others and drive organic traffic to your store.

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