How to Improve Your HR Practices

human resource departmentAre you having a difficult time acquiring or retaining talent? Startups not only face the daunting task of keeping their company afloat, but also hiring and keeping talent that drives their business forward.

The human resource department makes the decision to hire talented personnel and provides ways to keep them satisfied. Startups need all the help they can get to stay competitive. and other companies provide your start-up with advice and services about the best human resource practices to improve your business.

Understand Motivation for Work

Money is not the only motivation of employees for staying in a company. There are employees looking to master their skills, autonomy in their jobs, or they find purpose in the work they do. Understanding the motivation of employees help you identify ways to boost their performance. Provide mentorship programs in their department, group huddles that discuss strengths and weaknesses, or allowing them to bring their kids to work on certain days are a few ways to motivate your workforce.

Culture Fit

Rewards and a high salary may attract talent, but the culture will keep them for years. The culture you cultivate may start with the dress code, how you address or treat each other. There are companies that propagate a family company culture to optimise productivity and make new employees feel included. The connection and inclusiveness in a company culture develop trust and communication within the company. Before hiring, screen potential employees if they fit into your company culture.


Setting expectations when you screen potential employees create the initial impression of your company’s management style. Be transparent and consistent during the screening process. Tell the potential employee about the company’s culture, monetary and non-monetary benefits, and the work he or she will be doing to avoid confusion after hiring. Transparency helps your business find and keep talented employees.

Improving your human resource practices boost employee performance and find talent to help your company grow.

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