How to Grow a Company with No Full-Time Staff

People and companies alike require networks of contacts in order to thrive socially. In most instances, people-to-people connections move forward to corporate activities. Corporations make use of contacts for service, as well as for other needs.

Consultants and independent contractors are part of running a business. Entrepreneurs depend on these connections more than corporate enterprises, but it is still necessary to keep these contacts alive, whether these are for large suppliers or small one-off services.

Accounting and Legal Services

Many small companies start without any accounting services. However, during the first year of operations, these small startups would have to contract accounting services for proper government and tax filings. The startup can also avail of bookkeeping services, before going to an accountant.

There are services that a startup can avail of, including website developers, writers, and others. A company cannot stand without any support. During the first few years, a company will have to do things on its own, and hire only what is needed. An accountant may be needed for operations and administration. But it can also be contracted out until the company can afford one on a full-time basis.

A company also needs a lawyer starting from before its establishment. Organizational work requires the services of a lawyer. These include the paperwork and documentation for the company. There are other services that a lawyer can help with, including official papers for government filings, sales and purchase of properties.

When a legal problem occurs in a city like Raleigh, NC, bail bonds are required without any warning. This is something an individual or a company handles through a service company. Bail bonds and other one-off services are never included in the budget or payroll.


freelance writer working

Nowadays, there are a growing number of websites that offer different other services. These comprise the gig economy, where jobs are bid out or farmed out to contractors via a website. Prominent outsourcing websites include Fiverr and Upwork. These are good sources of labor for high-quality work at cheap prices.

The work can be for a specific project, an ongoing and recurring task, full-time or part-time work and even per piece kind of gig. Virtual assistants are also readily available for some clerical or repetitive tasks that can be done on the cloud.

There are other tasks that can be automated, too. If necessary, the automation can be farmed out to freelancers. Administrative tasks that can be automated include record keeping and even website data collection. Email automation can also be done to improve the interaction with clients, website visitors or even a mailing list.

Having a limited number of employees is not a hindrance in establishing a company. Some of the fastest growing companies have only a few when their revenues reached the million-dollar mark. Some of the necessary services are all available online through freelancers and part-timers.

Small companies are earning even without full-time staff, and this model is becoming more prevalent. More and more companies are succeeding without physically growing. However, they are still contributing to the productivity of others who work online.

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