How Logistics Is Only Adding Up to Waste Problems

From disposable paper bags to sports drinks made of seaweed, every business is growing green when it comes to packaging. But there is more to your sustainable living that you might still not know.

Most in-store retail businesses are trying their best to produce fewer carbon footprints. But the efforts are not enough to lessen the packaging waste used by wholesale supply chains. The conscious efforts from storage and shipping businesses should do their part in waste reduction. Even companies from warehousing and logistics should also do their share.

How bigger loads can lead to a more sustainable delivery

Although it may sound simple, one way to solve the increasing problem with waste production is to maximise the load by potential. Shipping companies can either do it by volume or weight. Using a honeycomb packing material to carry the products is a great way to deliver large quantities of products. That is because the design itself has enough strength to support high volumes of shipments. Using this simple yet effective way of decreasing waste can also reap a few benefits. The company saves money on packaging costs, thus giving them extra budget for other more productive projects for their company.

Only a few customers realise the effects that the supply chain can do if they practice waste reduction. A growing number of companies are starting to be aware of it. Now they are focusing their attention on secondary packaging as well as logistics.

Online retail helps add up to packaging waste

As eCommerce started emerging a few years back, the number of online purchases has skyrocketed. It has also boosted thousands of SMEs worldwide. Together with the increase in online purchases comes a massive problem with sustainability. Companies must produce plastic and cardboard wrappings so that they can protect the items nestled inside. But the materials used in packaging usually ends up as waste dumped into landfills.

The problem will only get worse. If eCommerce continues to boom, the need for cardboard will continue. A growing number of companies are now trying to find ways to help solve the problem.

How recycling helps

man putting bottle in recycling bin

For companies to solve the current waste problem, coming up with ways to reuse the products is an excellent solution. That is why companies should educate their customers about the packaging size. Using the right size of cardboard means that there will be fewer packing materials used. As a result, there will be less waste.   Another way is to use other alternatives when making purchases. Using a reusable tote bag is an excellent idea to reduce single-use packaging. It will also protect your food better than if you use single-use plastic bags.

As the threat of global warming becomes clear, finding ways to reduce carbon footprint is the best way to go. There are other ways to help reduce the production of waste. You only need to find the best one that will suit your business needs. You can try to ask referrals from any of your acquaintances to know of the best alternatives for you.

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