EV Hybrids: What are Your Options?

When Skoda launched the CITIGOe iV, they were clear to note that this car was the perfect choice for any city that minds their environment. Being Skoda’s first EV, there is so much to expect from the automaker. But they have hit milestones that cars in the CITIGOe iV category have not crossed. The most notable of these milestones is having a battery for a 300km (186 miles) range.   That’s quite impressive for a small car and this switch to EVs does not end with the CITIGOe iV. Skoda has assured its car users that they have plans to electrify most of their product range.

Good news there! But like many, you could be weighing your options between whether to go for electrified cars or to stick with the conventional fuel-cell vehicles. First, how different are these types? What exactly should you be considering when choosing among those Skoda vehicles for sale? Read on to find out.

Types of EVs

The auto industry has had generations of EVs and that has brought with it the different models in the auto market today. The most common of these types include:

Mild hybrid

These are the simplest of EVs. They offer car manufacturers an easy and cost-effective means to integrate electric components into the vehicle’s engine. For such cars, it is crucial that you consider that they will shut off completely when in a no-load condition. However, you can restart a mild hybrid vehicle instantaneously to power up the car’s stereo, air conditioning, and other ancillary systems.

Power Split/Parallel/Series hybrid

These vehicles have a downsized combustion engine that allows them to power at high speeds and high load conditions. The design of the series hybrids’ battery-electric systems enables the vehicle to run in its efficiency range, moving when under lower load conditions and low speeds.

Plugin hybrids


These are improved versions of the series hybrids. Their design tends to lean toward that of fully EVs. For electric powering, plugin hybrids go the longest distances, compared to the mild and serial hybrids. Unlike its EV counterparts, you can recharge your plugin hybrid vehicle’s battery from an EV charging station. Of the three, they also have the largest battery pack for an extended electric-power-only range.

It’s 2019  and the automotive industry has a lot to catch up on regarding safe and efficient means of road transport. And, yes, Skoda has done a lot to bridge this gap; but, how much are you helping with this? Are you considering sticking to the conventional fuel-cell vehicles or taking the plunge and buying an electric car? Which option will offer you the highest level of convenience? Which car type will help fulfill your desire for owning and driving a futurist vehicle? How do those Skoda cars that you are considering help you meet this need?

With which car dealers have you acquainted yourself? Are they an accredited Skoda car dealer? How good are their reviews from their recent customers? Do you have recommendations from family and friends for a good Skoda car? These are just some of the many questions you should answer to get the right type of Skoda vehicle at the best price. So, take your time. Inquire, research, and choose wisely.

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