Car Safety and Economy Tips: Accessories and Adjustments to Avoid

We’d all want our car to be functional, stylish, comfortable, and convenient. As such, a lot of car owners purchase add-ons and install car modifications to improve their ride. Unfortunately, not all of these accessories and changes are practical or even safe. As such, we’ll be exploring unnecessary add-ons that you should avoid.

Body Kits and Spoilers

Body kits can “transform” your car to have a sporty or trendy look, but it doesn’t add any useful features or improve your car’s performance. In fact, it may even do the opposite; body kits can affect your car’s steering angles and wheel movements, as well as its suspension. And poorly-installed kits may end up detaching during one of your rides, which may cause damage to nearby vehicles or even an accident. You’d see spoilers in race cars as they can improve their aerodynamics and speed, but for every-day automobiles, they serve no use apart from making your vehicle look like a sports car. You’re better off using the money you save from not purchasing these items for maintenance and fuel which do affect your car’s functionality.

Video Players

TV screens may be one of the most dangerous add-ons you can put in your car. Yes, they can keep you, and perhaps the kids at the back, entertained during a trip, but they can distract you from driving, and it takes only a split second of poor or delayed reaction to end up in a vehicular accident. Instead, use your car’s stereo and put on music you like or an interesting podcast as these won’t make you take your eyes off the road.

Colored Headlights

Modifying your headlights are both illegal and can potentially endanger you and other drivers. Colored headlights serve no purpose apart from aesthetic effect, and can dim your lights or make it difficult to see. So stick with your car’s default light bulbs for everyone’s safety.

Accessories and Adjustments That Reduce Noise and Sight

Anything that can obscure sight and sound should not be added to your car. Soundproofing your car to reduce external noise can make it hard for you to detect any issues with your engines or objects stuck on the underside of your car. So make sure that if you do soundproof your car, it should only be able to block off an acceptable level of noise, but still make you aware of any unusual noises in your engine or anywhere else in your car, as well as being able to hear enough external noise (which may be people shouting or warning, or weak car horns).

Glass Film and Heavy Window Tints

First off, glass films are generally illegal, and there are regulations as to the level of glass tinting that’s allowed for vehicles. Glass films and heavily tinted windows would make it harder for you to see objects at night or dark-colored objects in the road. These add-ons, together with soundproofing adjustments, may make it difficult for you to be aware of emergency vehicle’s public safety vehicle equipment such as lights and sirens going off while driving down the long roads of Wichita, KS.


person puttng film on the car's window

There are many possible modifications and add-ons that you can add to our vehicle, but indeed, not all of them are practical, safe, or useful. So the next time you’re shopping for upgrades and accessories, make sure to watch out and avoid the items on this list to save you the trouble and the cash.

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