Your London Visit: An Inexpensive Trip

Woman checking London directions

London may have dropped six places in the world’s most expensive cities, making it ‘the cheapest it has been in decades’, according to a Telegraph report. Still, the price of commodities and certain amenities can cost a fortune if you were on a tight budget.

Whether you’re a student or young professional on holiday, you may not have much to spend to see the sights and experience wondrous adventures in this fantastic city. There are, however, many cost-effective means to cover this destination without scrimping on your experiences or breaking the bank.

Find a Nice Accommodation

One of the first things to settle is your accommodation, your home away from home. Since you will be roaming around a lot, your accommodation does not have to be extravagant. Consider London Central hostels, which feature a number of options on rates. Hostels provide for your basic needs when on holiday, from a comfortable bed and sumptuous breakfast to WiFi access and communal space for work.

Booking early for your accommodation is also advisable. London is a busy city, and so the best places often get booked fast.

See the Whole of London for Free

There are a couple of free attractions that you can enjoy while you are in London. You could check out self-guided tours, which not only save you from paying for a guide but also gives you the freedom to see the sights at your leisure. Scheduled tours feel like everything is in a rush, and you hardly ever recall any information, unless you’ve got a fantastic guide.

You may also check out the museums and galleries without paying. The city features numerous places for free, and each one will appeal to your preference for art. If you enjoy a bit of archaeology, head to the Museum of London. If you want to look at dinosaurs and fossil specimens, walk into the Natural History Museum. If you adore Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse, go to the Tate Modern.

Dine Like Royalty

There are dishes in London that only cost five pounds (or even less). Indeed, you can still eat like ‘royalty’ in London without the wealth of one. Even better, you can savour food from different parts of the world. You can get a plate of gnocchi with butter and sage at Padella. You can grab steamed Cantonese buns at Bun House. You can try roti canai with a bowl of dhal at Roti King.

If you think you can’t afford a London travel, think again. You only need to know the places to visit and a plan to follow.