X Marks the Spot: Two Instances that Emphasize the Importance of GPS Training

A Driver Using a GPS While Driving

A Driver Using a GPS While DrivingGPS has made life better. From allowing drivers to safely navigate the streets of an unfamiliar place to making landing aircraft carriers and unmanned drones more precise, it’s no secret that various industries have benefited from the development of this technology. As companies like Castnav.com know, the margin for error for hi-tech tracking is extremely small. The slightest variation can lead to a disaster.

With that said, proper GPS training can keep you from landing in hot water. Here are some instances that emphasize its importance.

A Plane to Malaysia Landed in Melbourne Instead

In March 2015, a plane flying from Sydney to Malaysia ended up in Melbourne instead. Reports say the incident happened because of a position initialization error. The captain accidentally omitted a single digit while typing the coordinates of the destination into the navigational system.

Because of a single erroneous digit, air-traffic controllers guided the plane to Melbourne instead of the Southeast Asian country. A few hours after its initial landing, thankfully, it was able to reach the intended destination.

A Woman Driving through Ontario Ends Up in a Lake

Many people rely on GPS to navigate their car — whether it is a built-in system or a smartphone app. But although navigational technology does make driving easier, it also still requires human ingenuity.

A Canadian news report from May 2016 said that a woman driving her through Ontario ended up in a lake. According to the report, the fog affected road visibility, so she strictly followed her vehicle’s GPS. She ended up driving off the road and into a lake. She was able to get out of her car without serious injuries, but her car sank to the bottom of the lake.

As illustrated in the examples, if you are dealing with navigation technology, proper GPS training on how to use it is necessary. It gets things where they should be. Furthermore, if your company deals with navigational testing, precision and knowledge contribute to favorable results.