Why Finishing Processes Are Vital in Machinery

Hand holding powder coating sprayer

Metal and steel pieces need surface finishing because it makes them appear well-made and improve their efficiency and functionality. The types and tools needed for this process will depend on the roughness these pieces needed to achieve maximum functional ability.

Why is there a need for a specification of a certain surface?

The goal is to make effective products that are well-made and with a good surface finish, and fulfill their function. Syntech says that these surfaces could improve speed or enhance tension in the area, depending on what is needed in the machinery.

The surface roughness or smoothness will affect friction and wear. Normally, friction will be minimized especially when the metal pieces will be used in machines. The pieces will collide with each other, and if the friction is high, the product will not be very functional.

The process of metal finishing will also eliminate unwanted bumps on the surface of the metal pieces that will affect its strength. The longevity of metal’s strength can also be affected by the surface. When the surface is smooth, cracks and dents from all of the fatigue and force applied will lessen.

How is surface roughness or smoothness evaluated?

The evaluation of the surface smoothness or roughness is evaluated through some tests. The tests can be electronic, visual, and or optical.


The material is put in a machine for this surface evaluation. The operator should have the skills and knowledge about the equipment itself should be considered. There are two types of this test: the averaging type and the profiling type.


Visual evaluation can be the least accurate. The technique uses the fingernail test, where the fingernail will be drawn all over the surface of the pieces and assess it according to its texture.


There is no tool needed, and there will be no need of a stylus, thus, avoiding damage to the metal piece. The pieces will be evaluated via microscopes and even use high-end techniques like microtopography and interferometry.

Correct techniques, finishing types and tools should be used to produce a quality product of metal and steel pieces. Make sure that you employ these tests for a good surface finish.