When Is The Best Time To Rent A Car In Auckland?


If you’re planning on renting a car in Auckland for your vacation, doing so in late autumn or early spring would be the best time to find the best rates.

That’s because demand during this time of the year is particularly low, so rental car companies are more willing to lower their prices. However, be wary of those who offer cheap rates that would cost less than the usual rate of $9 per day.

Rental Advantages

New Zealand is a relatively small country, so most tourists who have an international driver’s permit choose to hire a car in Auckland for exploring places outside the city. While the city has different options for public transportation, some other places may have limited forms of transit. If there are any, travel schedules are often few and far between.

Car Insurance

You should include the cost of insurance on the total bill, aside from the price of fuel. Those who are below 25 years old may need to pay the maximum cost, otherwise called the insurance cap. Some rental companies may charge you with $35 for a no-excess option. Read the terms and conditions about the coverage, such as if broken windows and other car parts aren’t covered in an accident.

Big Groups

If you’re travelling in a large group, a campervan would be a better choice. Rental rates are usually between $19 and $350 per day, depending on the type of vehicle. Whether you choose a campervan or not, take note that some companies require their customers to rent vehicles for at least 14 days.

You can save money by hiring a car or booking a vehicle in advance, which is similar to buying a plane ticket or paying for accommodation. When choosing a rental company, pick those who offer different types of vehicle and roadside assistance in case of a breakdown.