What to Give Your Jet-Setting Friends on Their Birthday (Or Other Holidays)

a gift being given

Every group of friends has that one fried who frequently hits the road. More often than not, you will see their Facebook or Instagram updates announcing that they’re backpacking in Asia or exploring Europe. They are your friends who look like they are living the life.

While they might have the luxury of traveling and enjoying some of life’s greatest pleasures, they still do not have everything. This could serve as an opening for you — a chance for you to find them the perfect gift on their birthday (or other holidays). Below are some of the things you may find interesting.

For campers

You surely have friends who travel so that they can commune with nature. They hike and climb mountains; they even camp in the woods. What will make them smile is a brand new tent with pegs. If they like music, waterproof speakers for their motorcycles will be a good gift.

For luxurious travelers

If you have a rich friend who frequents Europe, you probably find it hard to look for a gift. They already have the expensive luggage and branded wayfarers. What you can give them is something that they will find cute.

For one, you can give them a handmade leather passport holder. A leather-bound journal will also make them smile. Get them something personalized.

For the culture vulture

These are your friends who travel for the culture. If your friend explores cultures through taste buds, they might like a Michelin Guide.

Got friends who love photography? You can give them a handmade leather camera strap. For your friends who love studying new languages, a book of translations will come in handy.

Gifting your traveling friends does not have to be difficult. What you can do is focus on their interests and note their quirks as well as the things they love.