What Should You Consider When Buying an ATV or UTV?

Driving an ATV

When buying an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) or utility-terrain vehicle (UTV), there are certain differences that you should consider other than the price tag.

If you plan to buy an Argo utility vehicle, you’ll find that there are many variants on the market. Some of these vehicles are built for amphibious driving, which means you can use them on both land and water.

Driving Variation

A common distinction between an ATV and UTV involves the way you can drive them. The latter can be driven using a steering wheel in the same way you would drive a conventional car. On the other hand, an ATV can be driven by straddling the engine like how you would ride a motorbike.

ATVs and UTVs also fall into different categories, such as recreational vehicles. Off-road vehicles for sports are another less common type since they are mostly used on track or motocross courses. Those who consider buying Argo utility vehicles will also find it easier to look for repair shops, as the brand is one of the most popular today.

Second-Hand Purchase

While having a brand-new ATV or UTV has its own benefits, many people still want to buy used units because it saves them money. However, you will need to spend more time looking for the right vehicle

Watch out for mechanical issues of any used ATV you’re planning to buy from a dealership. It’s also ideal to take the vehicle for a test drive. Remember that buying a used off-road vehicle is just the same as purchasing a conventional secondhand c

How much are you willing to spend on an ATV or UTV purchase? Knowing the basic differences between the two will help you decide on what would be the best deal for your money.