What Makes Switzerland an Alluring Hiking Destination?

Couple ready to hike after skiing

Hiking in Switzerland is better with reputable guides and services. Professional guides know how you can make the most of this leisurely activity and stay safe. Alpenwild, a travel agency that provides outdoor adventure packages in the Swiss Alps, shares that guides can make the best out of any weather because they know escape routes and passes, should conditions change.

The popularity of hiking in the country allows people to traverse well-marked mountain paths and passes with almost no warnings for trespassing into private property. But there are expected courtesies, like respect grazing cows and close gates after you pass by them.

Serious Hiking

In Switzerland, hiking is practically the national sport. Almost 44 per cent of Swiss residents between 15 and 74 say that they are active hikers. For all Swiss residents, they spend an average of 60 hours a year hiking trails. Switzerland is a nation of hikers, and more than 300,000 foreign tourists visit the country every year to hike the magnificent trails.

For those who want to hike along the mountainous paths of this alpine country, the best time to visit is from July to August. For those who want to do some trekking, it is best to visit between July and September. For those hiking in the lower areas of the Alps, do so from May to October.

Very Long Walks

The country has more than 66,000 kilometers of marked trails. According to Swiss tourism officials, this is enough to hike around the world one and a half times, if the trails were laid end-to-end.

The trails go up and down and meander through glades and hills, and through a mountain pass. To put it into perspective, the Swiss road network totals about 72,000 kilometers. Throughout the various routes, there are more than 42,000 signs indicating where to go. The paths themselves are maintained well and clean. One reason for this is the advice to hikers to keep their rubbish with them until they can dispose of them properly at the inn or hut.

Hiking is a well-loved activity in Switzerland. And if you share the same love, then organise a trip, pack your bags and head for the Alps.