What Kinds of Homes Do New Zealanders Want?

City view of New Zealand

In 2017, Branz, a consulting company in New Zealand, released a survey. It highlighted the perceptions New Zealanders have on different kinds of houses. These included low-rise, high-rise, attached, and stand-alone homes.

New Zealanders Prefer Stand-Alone Homes

Of the four types, it’s the stand-alone house that received the most votes in many categories. For the participants, it provided the best value for money even for those who already had experience with medium-density housing. They also believed that neighbourhoods with several detached houses were safer than the attached ones. In fact, they considered places with more high-rise buildings as the least safe. New Zealanders, furthermore, thought communities with stand-alone homes had people with more enjoyable lifestyles and a good sense of community.

The survey also measured their sentiment if certain types of homes appeared in their neighbourhoods. The results suggested that an overwhelming 50% would oppose the construction of high-rise buildings. But 29% would be pleased to have more stand-alone houses.

The questions didn’t touch on the reasons for their preference for stand-alone houses. But it’s possible that it’s because they believed that size is the most appropriate for their needs. The communities where one can find most of these houses are more social and safe.

Building a Stand-Alone Home

Creating a stand-alone house in Auckland, New Zealand can have numerous challenges, though. You need to hire professional builders. To maximise the project, it is helpful to pick those that are part of the elite Certified Builders Association. It guarantees the quality of the home — safe, homey, and durable.

For most Kiwis, living in a stand-alone house is a dream come true. The costs, though, can be hefty. In Auckland, the average cost can be as high as $530,000 in the most expensive communities. Even in the cheapest areas, it can still be worth $266,000. Homeowners can truly enjoy value for money when they work with the right builders.