Use High Quality Online Videos to Attract Millennial Consumers

Quality Online Video in RozelleThe days of producing a video ad designed only for television have come and gone. Millennials are moving on to gadgets, such as tablets, computers and smartphones, that have the ability to stream content. Furthermore, Digital Ads International Pty Ltd says that almost everyone in the modern world connects to the internet; thus, digital advertising studios should take advantage of this golden opportunity. They need to make sure that the content and visuals of the video ads are of the highest quality possible.

Millennials are Pickier

As Millennials grew up alongside the technological innovations that make streaming easy and accessible, they are naturally more tech-savvy — and thus, pickier — than their generational predecessors. Before they engage and do business with companies, they expect a modernised approach in terms of how these companies operate. Thus, companies should never take shortcuts when creating internet video advertising campaigns or advertisements on mobile devices. Otherwise, companies risk losing potential and existing millennial consumers forever.

Millennials are Keen on Video Recommendations

A study done by Trendera said that 39 percent of millennials participating in the poll, more often than not, watched video content recommended for them — either based on their browser activity or the browser activity of their peers as well as other users. Furthermore, the overarching theme of the study is that videos seek millennials and not the other way around. While this is good news for companies looking to utilise video advertising strategies, experts emphasise that the value of the content recommended or shared should be of high quality at all times.

Millennials are Turned Off by a Poor Visual Experience

In such a hectic world, not everyone has the time, or patience, to take in an entire video without something promising about it. This is why companies releasing video ads must ensure that the content is captivating right from the get go. Although Millennials want the videos to come to them, they would click away from a video if it delivers a low-quality video and an overall poor experience.

When engaging Millennials using ads as a way to influence their buying decisions, companies need to make the creation of quality video content a priority. Millennials expect content that is creative, easily shareable, visually appealing and contains a string of call-to-action messages. Companies should not take these expectations for granted.