Travel Back in Time With Your Visit to Cornwall

View of manor in Cornwall

The United Kingdom has many attractions that make it a prime destination for history lovers. If you are the latter, a trip to Cornwall should be a part of your itinerary. It has places of interest that easily fill your days and will complete your holiday experience.

Here are some of the historic attractions here in Cornwall to see during your trip.

Bodmin Jail

This attraction was the hiding place of the crown jewels at the height of World War II. It is also famous for its dark past. Built in the late 1770s, more than 50 public hangings took place in its grounds.

As you explore it with a guide, you will get a glimpse of the ancient British judicial system and exhibitions that tell stories of the prison and the people that spent time in it. You will also get a chance to see the last remaining execution pit in the country.

Pentillie Castle

This castle has character and a storied past; this centuries-old relic underwent many reconstructions and maintenance work. It is now an award-winning and famous events venue where visitors can schedule tea parties, corporate retreats and seasonal dinners.

Pendennis Castle

Henry VII had this famous fort built in the 1540s; fast forward to today, the two castles reminded visitors of its importance to the defence of the country during a bloody Civil War and World War II. It fended torpedoes shot by boats and was the place where the British staged long-range counter attacks.


This destination in Cornwall will elicit awe from its visitors and will remind them why they fell in love with the legends of King Arthur. The jagged rock formations, the sea and the mountains provide for a dramatic backdrop for the ruins.

These are only some of the sites you can visit during your holiday in Cornwall. The latter has plenty more to offer for those who want to add a different destination to their itinerary.