Top Benefits of Using Titanium Pumps

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Pumps come in a variety of types based on use or purpose. When you have a pumping project to fulfil, make sure that you get the right kind of pump that will get the job done. In tougher environments, a titanium pump is the best option.

Titanium is less dense than other metals, but it is a very strong metal. It is as strong as steel. It can withstand extreme temperatures. It can be alloyed with iron, aluminium, and molybdenum. Titanium, together with these metals, can be used for making missiles, spacecraft, aircraft, crutches, laptops, golf clubs, and bicycles. Of course, titanium is also used for making pumps of a variety of purposes.

You can think of newly released pumps on the market or simply rely on the highly durable ACMA-certified Tsurumi pump. Either way, you get the benefit of working with the right pump type. Speaking of benefits, there are features of a titanium pump that will definitely serve your projects well.


Titanium pumps are resistant to corrosive chemicals, like those from high-chloride environments. Thus, they are commonly used in power plants. Titanium’s significantly high strength-to-weight ratio, impeccable lightness, and impressive durability contribute to this resistance. More so, it can resist abrasion and erosion when exposed to seawater and high flow areas. Thus, it can be used for structures that are always exposed to seawater, such as submarines and hulls of ships, for protection.

Industrially Effective

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Titanium pumps also work well in many industrial applications, especially with moving acidic fluids or anything chemically aggressive. They can excellently handle difficult conditions such as in mining areas, where mine runoff can contain a pH lower than 4. Even sulfuric acid in some mine processing sites, which generally have a pH of less than 1, can be withstood by titanium pumps. Titanium is effective in industrial applications because it exceeds the resistance of stainless steel, which is one of the most commonly used metals in different industries. It is also non-magnetic and has excellent heat transfer properties. Finally, it is workable even in cold conditions.


Longevity is an important attribute of pumps. If a pump can last long, you get all the gains from your investment. Pumps are used often in aggressive environments—there is a presence of oxidising acids and chlorine—like industrial sites, landfills, and areas undergoing environmental remediation. Thus, longevity seems to be really difficult to achieve. It also depends on the quality of the titanium pumps that you have bought. You should purchase them from a reliable supplier. You should make sure that your trusted supplier will give you titanium pumps that will last for a long time. Usually in harsh conditions, however, a titanium pump can last 10 times longer than any other types of pumps.

Titanium pumps are worthy investments as they exhibit unmatched durability. Even in the worse environments, they operate without any issues. Thus, your business will not have problems even if you deal with sting chemicals. Titanium pumps are also flexible in any project type. Apparently, they are designed to perform and built to last.