Time for a Tidy Up Before Winter

Snow on the roof and gutter

Now that autumn has well and truly arrived, the leaves are falling in earnest and summer annuals and herbaceous perennials are beginning to die back. The grass is still growing though, and insects are still out and about looking for food. The question is how much work to do in tidying up the garden for winter, and whether to do it oneself slowly over a period of weeks, or get in a company that does garden maintenance (Chiswick/Wimbledon).

Having a good company, such as Town and Country Gardens, come in to do garden maintenance (Chiswick/Wimbledon), can save a lot of bother. They can come in for one big project, such as a pre-winter tidy up and cut back, or more often to keep things ticking over.

Good garden maintenance (Chiswick/Wimbledon) companies are there to build trust with, so that the garden owner can turn to them for advice when something more than keeping the place tidy needs doing. When gaps appear and plants need to be replaced, the garden company can often suggest which plants would be good where. Sunlight and shade, clay, loamy or sandy soil, dry or damp corners, all offer the perfect environment for a particular plant. Picking the gardeners’ brains will provide invaluable information on what to seek out in the garden centre, or order online.

And then there are the times something terrible happens. Beloved plants get sick. Can they be saved? Recently, a terrible disease has been striking at Britain’s fucshias. Fuchsia gall mite is an invisible little critter that is running rampant from east to west and south to north across the country, causing much loved shrubs to curl up their leaves and be unable to flower. Can the fuschias be saved? A good garden maintenance (Chiswick/Wimbledon) company will know what to do, and will probably spot problems long before the garden owner if they don’t have gardening expertise.

It’s also important to remember that the garden is home to birds, insects, possibly frogs, mice and other small creatures and the gardener can advise on how to make the winter garden a haven for them.