Three Things that You Should Never Put Down Your Drains

Plumber fixing a sink

Most of the plumbing issues in your home are inevitable. Also, they may arise when you don’t expect them. However, you can easily prevent them by observing some simple tips. This blog sheds light on things that can clog your drains.

1. Paper Products

Most paper products don’t easily break down or decompose. When they are flushed down the drains, they pile up. With time, they start obstructing sewage flow. Fortunately, you can ask plumbers in Utah like Whipple Service Champions to solve the problem. Instead of pushing such products down your sinks and toilets, throw them into a trash can. While using the toilets, be sure to use the right toilet paper: one that eventually breaks apart when it comes into contact with water.

2. Grease and Oils

Oils and grease are some of the contributors to drain clogs. When they are poured down the pipes, they stick to the walls and become a hard substance. This blocks the flow of fluids. With time, pressure builds within the system and causes pipe damage. To avoid spending unnecessarily on drain clogs, you must consider alternative disposal methods.

3. Flour

When you mix flour and water, the end product is usually a paste-like substance. This means that it sticks to the drain walls. It also captures all other solid elements flowing down the pipes. The result is a clog that will cost you time and money.

Plumbing maintenance is not always affordable. If you are not careful, it can drain you financially. However, keeping your plumbing system in good shape shouldn’t be a daunting task. If you’re intentional about proper waste disposal, you can avoid many home plumbing troubles.