Three Elements of Korean Fashion

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Korea is a global leader in many things, including the world of fashion. The dawn of the 21st century saw the growing popularity of Korean drama and music across East Asia, influencing the fashion taste of its neighboring countries. It didn’t take long for North America and Europe to get wind of Korean fashion, which is why several names in fashion such as Coco Fashion, Labu Labu, AppleStarry, and L’miusa gained international recognition with their impressive lines of Korean-inspired styles.

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If one would put Korean fashion under the microscope, these three elements are always present:


The foundation of the Korean clothing style lies in the exceptional use of hyperbole. The display of an extreme personality adds charm to the people and satisfies the mood of professionals. This is why most stores of wholesale dresses feature items with extreme designs to celebrate individuality.

Asymmetric Design

The Koreans are famous for donning unconventional asymmetric clothing designs. This peculiar style gives a fresh look to regular pieces of clothing such as long skirts and lappets. Wearing this unique design brings an element of surprise to others.


A significant facet of Korean fashion is the creative use of accessories. Be it belts or waist chains, wearing jewelries and other forms of decorations what makes a Korean outfit complete. Wholesale dress stores are the prime source of the hottest accessories.

Korean fashion indeed reflects creativity and individuality. It is a clothing style that fits the taste of the modern age.