Three Effects of Improper Waste Management

waste managementYou ought to exercise proper waste disposal techniques for the health of your household and the environment. Whether it is commercial or residential rubbish, recycling and appropriate disposal matters. Here are three consequences of failing to observe waste management protocols:

Water Contamination

Toxic waste that has not been disposed of properly can leach into the ground and eventually affect groundwater. The chemicals affect those who use this kind of water. That is why you should consider hiring distinguished waste management services like Enviro Care Inc.

Air Contamination

If you do not dispose of waste like bleach and acid appropriately, it might end up in incinerators. When these materials are burned, they emit toxic gases into the atmosphere. Eventually, the gasses do not only affect human beings and animals living in the area, but they also deplete the ozone layer. The effects of the accumulation of contaminants in the air are severe since they affect climate and weather patterns.

Soil Contamination

Waste in landfills excretes hazardous chemicals that might leak into the soil. For instance, when plastic bottles break down, they release carcinogens such as DEHA. When these chemicals enter the human body, they affect the respiratory system and fertility levels. They make losing weight difficult, and they cause liver dysfunction. Soil contamination also affects plant growth, which might eventually cause food security issues. Try to recycle as many plastics, metals, and paper as you can. Take time to sort your waste and dispose of electronic wastes separately.

Proper waste management promotes a healthy environment  for human beings and animals. Reuse and recycle as much waste as you can. If you lack the expertise required for handling waste, hire an expert to do it. Remember to always sort your waste before throwing it away.