Skincare Habits That Do More Harm Than Good to You

Man applying a facial cream

People will stop at nothing just to achieve a flawless and naturally beautiful skin. Most of them are in fact more than willing to try new things if it means having smooth and silky skin. However, you might be surprised to know that there are some routines you’re currently doing right now, which can be damaging to your skin.

Moisturizing Once a Day

Many people assume that you only need to moisturize every daytime when in fact your skin needs the same moisture at night. According to dermatologists in Cottonwood Heights, moisturizing is an essential part of your morning and night routine to avoid dryness and repair the natural barrier of your skin against the harsh elements it’s been exposed to.

Ignoring the Night Routine

Your beauty care regimen at night is as important as your day skincare routine. It’s during this time that your skin treat itself to fasten the recovery from the damages it takes throughout the day. Following a night care routine could also help stimulate the production of collagen in your body as well as renew skin cells, which reduces the signs of aging and the appearance of fine lines.

Washing Your Face Harshly

When washing your face, you need to do it gently. Unfortunately, there are those who do it with washcloth or scrub, which could irritate and damage your skin. For this one, you must resist the temptation of washing your skin too harshly and leave the job to your facial cleanser. This is why it’s important to know which cleanser and toner work for your skin to remove any dirt or debris that might clog your pores.

Not Having Enough Sleep

Lack of sleep is the top reason why people suffer from breakouts. Turns out that not giving your skin enough time to recuperate after a day’s worth could deter the normal renewal function of your skin cells. This is why it’s important that you always get enough rest, which is between six and eight hours a day, to ensure your skin including your body can completely recover from all the damages it took.

Take note of these bad habits and be sure to correct them to improve your skincare regimen. If, after following these things, your acne or other skin problem persists, it’s best to see a doctor so they could properly assess and instruct you what’s the best thing for you to do.