Signs That You Need an Emergency Plumber

pipe leaking

A plumbing issue is a homeowner’s nightmare, especially when it is spotted at the oddest hours. Whether it is a frozen pipe, leaking or burst pipes or a clogged drain, you need the right tools for the job – better still, you need to call on professionals to help you fix the problem immediately.

You can do a DIY fix for many plumbing issues, Expert Plumbing, Heating, Air and Electrical points out. However, an emergency plumber in Eagle Mountain is your best bet for sudden, serious issues that require a professional.

How do you distinguish between a DIY job and a serious problem that requires a certified plumber? Here are signs that you need professional plumbing repair, and quick.

A wet water heater

If your water heater appears ‘sweaty’ on the outside, it could be a sign of a leak or a damaged insulator. Since water heaters are complex, it isn’t advisable to do a DIY unless you know what you are dealing with. It is, therefore, important to switch off the heater and call a plumber.

You smell gas

If you smell gas in your property, get out along with everybody else and call a plumber. Make sure to call professionals who are nearby so that they can reach your premises in the quickest possible time. Once at your home, they will shut off the gas, find the cause of the leak, and fix it immediately.

An overflowing toilet

When a toilet overflows, the first step is to use a plunger to try to fix it. If it keeps overflowing, there could be a serious problem with your pipes. One of the most common issues, in this case, is a backup occurring in the drain pipe. Call a plumber immediately to determine the issue before dirty water fills your home.

Plumbing problems are common in households but if you are facing a potentially big problem, then you have to act fast. This is the only way to ensure nothing goes wrong with your home.