Security Cameras: A Building’s Protection Against Vandalism

Security camera in office building

Vandalism not only ruins the exterior of your commercial property. It could also drive away your customer. The problem is you never know when it will happen. Plus, it’s almost impossible to catch the culprit behind the damage.

But there are ways to make sure your building is safe from vandalism.

Using Security Cameras

The best weapon you can use is a security camera. A report by The Guardian attests to this. Out of the 12 former burglars the newspaper interviewed, nearly half of them confessed that CCTV cameras, alongside loud barking dogs, were among the most effective deterrents for burglaries and car theft.

Putting up fake cameras can work, as long as they are quality fakes and not cheap plastic that potential perpetrators may easily identify as faux cameras. It’s one of the options you can go with if you don’t have the budget yet to buy quality surveillance cameras.

If you’re able to, motion detectors with built-in cameras might be a good investment. shares that these are wireless, allowing you to put them anywhere. They’ll be able to detect movement and transmit video.

Security cameras are not only helpful in deterring perpetrators; they also let you record every move that individuals make in your establishment. Should vandalism or theft occur, you can identify the culprit by reviewing the footage.

An even better system is one that vividly capture vandalism at night. Security cameras featuring floodlights, sirens, and a two-way voice system would also deter perpetrators.

Knowing What Counts as Vandalism

Spray vandalism act

Vandalism is an offense that happens when someone ruins or defaces a particular property without permission. The results of vandalism include graffiti, broken windows, damage to vehicles, or even destruction to a website.

Some may consider vandalism as art, such as graffiti, but it’s a crime nonetheless. It’s a broad category crime that may describe a variety of behaviors. In general, vandalism refers to the intent of an individual to deface, destroy, or alter property belonging to another individual.

Here are particular examples of vandalism:

  • “Egging” or throwing eggs at a building
  • Spray-painting walls
  • Breaking the windows of a building
  • Knocking down signs
  • Kicking, scratching, or damaging someone’s property.

With security cameras, you can identify the individual responsible for any form of damage done to your property.

The Penalties and Punishment Vary by Each State

Vandalism is a crime covered by state laws. The definition, however, varies in each state. There states that refer to vandalism as “malicious mischief,” while others call it “malicious trespass” or “criminal damage.”

Every state exerts an effort to minimize acts of vandalism and its impact. Some states use “aerosol container laws.” These laws keep tabs on the purchase of spray paint containers or other tools that people might use for vandalism.

Other states, on the other hand, have laws prohibiting vandalism to particular kinds of property, like government facilities, school property, churches, and cars. There are also several states that prohibit specific acts, like graffiti, breaking windows, or using man-made substances to ruin property.

Vandalism could occur in almost any property. But with security cameras, you have a better offense and defense against those plotting to target your establishment.