law firms

To be or Not to be a Whistleblower

February 6, 2014 Admin 0

Lack of knowledge of the law doesn’t absolve a person of a crime, whether it is civil or criminal. This also applies to the False Claims Act, where a person or a federal contractor can […]

unblocking drains

How Choked Drains are Such a Nuisance

January 28, 2014 Admin 0

Blocked drains can be a pain, but are easy to fix if dealt with right away. To avoid more damaging leaks, it’s important to call a trusted plumber to unblock drains. Causes of Clogged Drains […]

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Business and Management

Top 2 SEO Strategies You Need to Focus on in 2014

January 23, 2014 Admin 0

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is getting more complex. Strategies that were previously effective might pull down your website’s ranking today. This is why updating online marketing approaches regularly will make your SEO efforts successful. From […]

angle head

Better Use of Angle Heads for Better Metalwork Quality

January 17, 2014 Admin 0

Angle heads are the modern metalworkers’ best tool for precision indexing. Compared to conventional machine spindles, quality NSK angle heads offer far more options in complex-geometry piece production. For many experts in machine operations, this […]

bridal hair

Last-Minute Checklist for Would-be Brides

January 15, 2014 Admin 0

It’s a day before the biggest life-changing event you’ve planned for months, and you think everything’s in set – from professional hair and makeup artists, elegant white gown, fresh bouquets for you and your bridesmaids, […]


What’s an Adversary Proceeding?

January 10, 2014 Admin 0

An adversary proceeding in bankruptcy obtains relief that requires a judge’s attention, and can’t be accomplished through a court motion. It’s also a separate lawsuit filed within the case, for which you may hire a […]


Fire, Bad! Handling Fireworks Responsibly

January 8, 2014 Admin 0

Fireworks are great to look at exploding into a million fiery pieces high in the sky, but the story’s not quite the same when they’re up close. Whenever you buy fireworks, it’s already understood that […]

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Technology and Gadget

Automation is a Good Thing

January 7, 2014 Admin 0

With automation happening in virtually every aspect of daily life, fears of a machine takeover in the style of the Terminator movies are beginning to sprout. But, automation isn’t nearly as sinister as most people […]