Make Money from Scrap Metal: Here’s What You Can Sell

Scrap MetalScrap yards are making a lot of money nowadays. With more and more consumers becoming aware of the benefits of recycling scrap metals, these businesses have gained a lot of customers over the past few years.

Whether you need instant cash or you simply have renovated and cleared up your home of things that contain metal, know that you can make quite a bit of money from all these items. From old tools to soda cans, and non-working appliances to old electronic devices, you can almost sell anything to metal scrappers.

Here is a basic list comprised of just some of the things that scrap metal yards can turn into instant cash for you:


Cans, radiators, sidings, gutters, wires and insulated wires containing aluminium are some of the best sellers in scrap yards.


You can also fetch a good price for brass pipes, faucets and other fixtures, fittings, radiators and shells when selling them to metal scrappers.

Car Parts

Apart from radiators, many scrap metal recyclers also accept other automobile parts including batteries, catalytic converters, alternators, starters, transmission and transformers.


Scrappers also pay a good amount of money for anything that has copper in it, such as cookware, pots, pans, wires and tubing.


Products made of steel or stainless steel, such as sinks, ladders, railings, gutters and roof parts also make it to the list of the best money-makers when it comes to metal scrapping.


You can also sell unused or old wrought iron, iron fencing, iron rails and other iron-based furniture to scrap metal recyclers for a good amount of cash.

Other items

Basically, you can turn anything that has metal in them into quick cash, including electronic devices (television sets, desktop PCs, laptops, gaming consoles, old mobile phones, old landline units, cameras, computer boards, mother boards and entire CPUs among many others), bicycles, ladders and old furniture (especially those used outdoors).