It’s Possible: Three Ways to Start a Business without Experience

Young entrepreneur writing notes

One of the common pieces of advice you’ll hear about starting a business is “you need to have a solid entrepreneurial experience.” Or at the very least, have some career experience at the industry you’re targeting. This advice, however, is nothing but a myth.

First of all, everybody is a newbie in one way or another, and a vast experience before business seems quite impossible. Secondly, there are successful entrepreneurs out there who started out with basically no knowledge about how the industry works. What they simply know is they want to do something great.

Of course, having experience is good. It gives you an edge, but it’s not a prerequisite to starting and growing a business. With these tips, you can jumpstart your entrepreneurial endeavor:

1. Tap into your strengths

You may not have the know-how in business processes or a particular industry, but for sure, you know something really well. Tap into those strengths and channel it in a way that it will be able to address problems in your local community.

If you’re insanely good at baking cookies, consider selling pastries at a school near you to fix students’ sweet cravings. If you’re a good dancer, setting up a Zumba studio and organizing classes may be a good option. Instead of moping over the lack of entrepreneurial knowledge, celebrate your personal know-how and from there, channel it into a business.

2. Take on others’ business ideas

Businesspeople shaking handsYou don’t have to build a business from scratch. You can ride on others who already proved their ideas to be sellable. Most starting entrepreneurs choose to be franchisees. With a proven business model in place already, they just have to follow the rules of the guidebook. They’re then able to set up their business immediately, with little hassle and fewer risks.

If you’re going into a player-saturated industry like food — let’s say, a pizza business, then consider going the franchising route so you can latch on the good name of the brand. Of course, be picky in choosing your brand. The top questions you need to ask your franchisor are: how much does it cost to start a pizza business and how much money you can make. This will help you determine if it’s worth being a franchisee of a particular brand.

3. Talk to fellow entrepreneurs

One of the easy fixes to having no experience is to seek the experiences of others. You will learn a lot by just listening to people. Surround yourself with fellow entrepreneurs. Franchisees already have the edge at networking, since franchising systems are essentially a community already.

There, you’ll find seasoned entrepreneurs who are already running two to three businesses in different fields, starting entrepreneurs who are struggling to deal with employees, and business mentors who can give you advice on how to take smart business risks. The bottom line is you should surround yourself with fellow entrepreneurs.

It may seem impossible to start a business with no experience, but it definitely can happen. Follow the mentioned tips to jumpstart your journey towards being a full-fledged entrepreneur.