IT Certifications: A Closer Look at the Field

An IT administrator at work

People’s reliance on the continuous advancements in technology has prompted the formation of a new field — information technology.

Yes, the field itself has been around since computers and technology were introduced to the public. However, it has only been a little bit more than a decade since people started to have an almost complete reliance on gadgets. This resulted in demand for more IT professionals.

Because demand is increasing, the competition among these professionals is also becoming more rapid — thus the need for certification.

Why is it important to get certified? No government provision requires people in the field to have a certification before they could work. However, having one gives individuals an edge in this highly competitive field.

Getting certified gives you three important things — it increases your marketability as well as your credibility, while at the same time, contributes to your skills and development.

It is important to remember to know which specific field you want to specialize in. Here are the various types of certification available.


CompTIA A+ is the most basic certification standard and is the starting point for an IT career. Individuals who pass this test can handle PC maintenance as well as other types of hardware.

CompTIA gives out other types of certifications such as Network+, Security+ and Server+ among others. These fields cover a more specific field such as security and networks. Practice tests can help you pass the tests required for certification.


Microsoft is one of the most widely used, if not the most used operating systems (OSs) in the world. Microsoft certification enables an individual to be more adept with the technology that Microsoft sells.

Because it is common OS, people who have a Microsoft certification are in demand. Specializations when it comes to various Microsoft programs and also evaluated.


Someone who is knowledgeable in Microsoft products might not be as skilled in handling Mac products and vice versa. This is why Apple also has its own certification standards that recognize skills for individuals who specialize in Apple products.

Want to start a career in the IT field? Get yourself certified to jumpstart your career.