How to Make the Most olut of your Medicare


Planning on retiring soon and getting your own Medicare plan? Well, you have definitely come to the right place as today, My Bridge to Medicare will discuss some tips on how you can make the most out of your Medicare plan.

Know when to sign up

Medicare is meant specifically for people who are 65 years of age and above. You are eligible to sign up during a seven-month window that will start exactly three months before you turn 65. Failure to sign up during this period will increase your Part B premium payment to 10 percent for every 12 months you fail to get the plan. Make sure to set the alarm or reminder so that you would never forget to sign up when the perfect time comes.

Take advantage of those free physicals

Take advantage of the free physicals given to retirees who have Medicare Part B. This is like a welcome gift from Medicare to their retirees and is available to grab during the first 12 months of having your Medicare Part B. You also get to use the annual preventive care visits to your doctor without having to pay anything.

Also, retirees get to take advantage of different preventive care services without requiring you to pay for anything. This includes flu shots, cardiovascular screenings, and bone mass measurements. Take advantage of these things while you can.

Get a supplemental coverage

Ask your agent what supplemental coverage you can get to avoid out-of-pocket costs. For example, Medicare Advantage or Medigap plans will help you save up by covering traditional medical services and sometimes, even additional services.

To make the most out of this, make sure to sign up for Medigap six months before you turn 65. This will help you avoid getting denied or paying a hefty amount for the premium.

Always ask your agent about the benefits that you can get from Medicare. This is to avoid the most common Medicare mishaps.