How Can You Improve Your Vocabulary?

a textbook definition of vocabularyAre you having difficulties understanding a particular text? Maybe it’s your vocabulary, if you don’t understand a particular word or words in a paragraph, you won’t be able to comprehend its message or peel off the layers of meaning. When you take online high school courses, the program will teach you the importance of expanding your vocabulary. Here are some ways to develop it and become better at reading comprehension.

Read and Read Some More

One of the proven ways to expand your vocabulary is to read and read some more. Reading lets, you encounter unfamiliar words that will make you stop and try to understand what they are. It also allows you to check words you already know and determine how to use them properly. You don’t have to read something you don’t like or have no interest in just to show off to others you have a wide vocabulary. This turns reading into a chore; make the experience fun so that the new words stick longer.

Read newspapers, magazines, comics or fiction or non-fiction books that pique your interest. Doing so allows you to expand your vocabulary and learn new things.

Have a Dictionary or Thesaurus on Hand

If you encounter a word you don’t understand, it helps to have a thesaurus or dictionary next to you. This allows you to easily look up the word and understand its context on the text. Look up the entire meaning as a word may mean differently when used in certain texts.

Word Games

Other than leisurely reading, one of the most effective ways to expand your vocabulary is through word games. This is a fun way to learn the meaning of words; some activities include crossword puzzles, scrabble, anagrams and similar games.

Expanding your vocabulary is important as it allows you to understand context, improves your critical thinking and enables you to formulate cohesive thoughts when you write papers or make arguments for class.