Holiday Season: How to Manage Anxiety

Women with anxiety

Each person with anxiety or depression has different triggers. With all the frenzy that the holidays bring, however, it’s hard to remain calm and composed, with your condition kept at bay. But does this mean you have to live through the holidays always on edge or feeling down most of the time?

There are several ways to manage your condition during this busy time of the year. Here are some options:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Along with the holidays come shorter days, which affect the mood of those with bipolar disorder, general anxiety, or seasonal affective disorder, among others. The shorter days become a challenge when managing one’s mood, which is why professionals recommend treatments like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT in Westport to manage your symptoms. In the case of pregnant women who don’t want to take their prescribed medication, experts recommend meeting friends or having activities to look forward to.

Group Therapy

Group therapy helps adolescents or pregnant women deal with anxiety triggers by managing their reaction to certain situations. The interaction with other people dealing with the same problem also give them emotional support, so they know that they are not the only one suffering from their struggles. Small groups may be better for those with social anxiety to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Web-Based Therapy

Though experts agree that there’s nothing better than face-to-face therapy, they also understand that an anxiety attack may come at the most unfortunate time. You may be ready for bed when the feeling starts to get overwhelming. You don’t have access to your therapist, and rather than risking your safety, experts suggest apps that provide web-based therapy, which you can access anytime. It’s also ideal for those who have insomnia.

In an ideal world, the holidays are a time to relax and enjoy with the family. To make pleasant memories during this time of year, find ways to manage your mental health struggles.