Here’s How to Make Your Garage More Organized

Car in a garage

The garage seems to be every family’s dumping space for things they want to keep but don’t actually use. If you’re having a hard time navigating through your garage, the following are some space-saving tips you might want to keep in mind:

Get a car lift

If you have two cars or one unusable car, consider getting a BendPak car lift from companies like JMC Equipment specially made for home garages. The car lift will help you utilize the top portion of your garage so that you can use the bottom part for the car you actually use.

Place storage shelves on the ceiling

You can also try installing sliding bars on top of the ceiling so that you can “slot” boxes onto the top without any problem. It’s typically a DIY job, which would cost less than $100 but will give you lots of room as you set aside the stuff you only use once or twice—like Christmas and Halloween decorations.

Workbench compartment

You can customize your workbench so that you can open the top to a storage compartment where you can place all your tools. Of course, if you prefer quick access, you can always use the wall and mount your tools there.

Folding workbench

Have you ever seen how old school ironing boards work? You pull them off the wall and slide them right back in afterwards. You can use the same technique with your workbench so that it doesn’t occupy precious space while in use.

More outlets

Garages only require one outlet according to builder standards, but that’s actually the minimum. Nothing stops you from adding more, which gives you the option to spread out your work to other portions of the garage. This way, you can avoid eyesores, as tools are perched on top of another in just one corner of the room.

Of course, those are some methods you can use. Don’t forget that there’s always the option of holding a garage sale and getting rid of some of your stuff.