Here’s How to Keep Your Lawn Lush

Lush garden with pond

Many people having trouble with their lawns often overlook some crucial factors. For you to keep the grounds around your property lush and green, you need to address these things right off the bat, experts in commercial landscaping services in Texarkana note.

Like any green plant, turf grasses need a conducive growing environment to thrive and stay healthy. Eliminating aspects that could leave the grass stressed lowers the amount of intervention you need to keep it lush and green.

Consider the grounds usage

The amount of foot traffic you expect on your grounds is a crucial consideration when installing a lawn. Some grass species, especially the ornamental varieties, are quite delicate. Planting them in a high traffic area will result in unsightly bare or browning patches.

For the best results, pick the hardwearing varieties such as Bahia and Bermuda in the south. They are tough, wear resistant and tolerate droughts well. If you’re in the colder north, you won’t go wrong with bluegrass, fescue, and perennial ryegrass. You can also pick a blend of several species as they complement each other’s strengths.

Dress the soil

Before emerging from the ground, turf grasses create an extensive rooting system to help them absorb nutrients from the soil. Depending on your choice of species, the roots can be up to 6 inches deep. Nutrient-rich topsoil that’s 6-inch deep lets the rooting systems to thrive as they have access to organic matter and beneficial microbes.

Excavated sites often have exposed subsoil, which can’t support a luxuriant growth, making your lawn susceptible to water stress. In such instances, bringing in new topsoil guarantees you a thriving stress-free lawn. However, you need to loosen and grade the subsoil before laying the new topsoil. Doing so improves water drainage, which allows for proper soil aeration.

With proper installation, you can keep your lawn lush and green all year round without spending too much money or effort on its upkeep. You only need to provide it with an excellent growth medium and pick the right grass varieties.