Handbreak: Ripping DVDs the Easy Way


HandbrakeRipping copies of your DVDs so can play them on any device has never been easier. With a lot of free tools and applications available online, you can finish the process with just a few clicks. One excellent DVD ripping tool and video encoder is Handbrake. It’s easy to use, easy to install, and provides various tweaking options to get the best possible video result.

Loaded with excellent features, Handbrake is an excellent cross platform DVD ripper and encoder. It works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Its features are also easy to understand. If you want to use this software to rip DVDs, here are a few steps to take note of.

Video/DVD Source
Once you’ve downloaded and installed Handbrake on your computer, open the software on your PC and click the “Source” button located in the top left. You can now choose your files and click open to add them to Handbrake. Choose the individual part you want to encode in the drop down menu of the title.

Output Settings
After adding your DVD file, you need to select the output destination. You can do this by clicking the “Browse” button and choosing a folder on your hard disk. Then, choose the preset for your videos in the right list. You can choose normal or high profile for saving videos for computer and TV use. If you’re going to watch the video on your mobile device, however, choose universal. You can also adjust the parameters of the video, audio, subtitles, and others to make the videos more personalized.

Ripping the DVD
After accomplishing the first few steps, you can now start ripping DVDs. Simply click the “Start” button on the top left. If you have many titles, hit “Add to Queue” to add these to the ripping queue. Then, you can click “Encode Queue” to start ripping. The encoding duration will take a few minutes or hours, depending on the length of the video

Additional Tips:
You can only rip DVDs you have purchased. You cannot rip encrypted DVDs without using a third party software. If you want to rip commercial DVD, you need another software. Always remember, however, to respect copyrights.

As Handbrake for Windows is easy to download and easy to use, you’ll find this software very helpful. There are no extra downloads or hidden installation processes.