Going the Extra Mile: Car Dealers Can Do These Services Too

Cars parked in a huge car lot

Whenever people need a car, they usually go to a car dealer who can offer them a range of new or used cars. While this is what car dealers mainly do, did you know that some car dealers offer other services? This is a plus, if you need a car but don’t necessarily have to own one to complete a task.

Tyacke Motors shows some extra services you can look for in a car dealer.

Limo Rental

Used car dealers in Provo can provide limo rentals, for example. Because they are luxury vehicles, limos can be used in high-profile events that include celebrities or politicians. They can also be used by the bride and groom for their weddings.

Airport Pick-Ups

People who need a ride from the arrival area or to the departure area of airports can ask certain car dealers to fetch them or drop them off. Because car dealers have multiple cars of varying sizes, they can cater to any customer at the airport, be it a family or group, a couple, or just an individual.


Delivery is also something that some car dealers can do. As long as they can size up what you need to get delivered, the car dealer can accommodate your request and set payment terms for it.


Lastly, car dealers can transport things at your request, such as a car that you ordered from them. You just need to tell them the destination and the time of day.

In summary, car dealers are primarily known for selling new or used cars. However, they can go the extra mile and offer other car-related services to customers. These include limo rentals, airport pick-ups, or deliveries. Car dealers like this are rare finds, so you’re lucky if you find one.