Get Creative In Your Garden: 4 Stunning Uses To Decorate With Clay Pots

Flower Pots and Watering Can

Take your garden's aesthetic to a whole new level by turning your normal and basic planter into something unique. Get creative by incorporating these incredible ideas to your clay pots:

Build a Bird Bath

Provide a place for your chirping friends so they can refresh and cool down through a bird bath made out of clay pots. All you need is three to four clay pots of the same size. Stack them together for the pedestal and use a basin-like or saucer on top. Be sure that the pot on top is shallow enough to keep your little visitors from drowning.

Garden Tool Organizer

Put your extra planters into good use by creating a gardening tool organizer out of them. Design a separate storage place for your hand and bigger tools, so you can take them out easily whenever you need them. For this project, you may use a variety of planters in different sizes to accommodate all your tools. As for the design, you may get creative with them and decorate them whichever you like.

Outdoor Fountain

Another clever way to transform your clay pots is to turn it into your garden's very own fountain. Start off by finding a water pump to allow continuous water flow, then look for a base pot where you could install this mechanism. The rest is for you to personalize the design of your fountain. Terracotta or Italian planters can make the best choice for this project since most of have elongated vertical design. Regardless, the decision of picking them always lies within your hand.

Great Accent Piece

Last but not the least, clay pots can make the best choice when it comes to creating a unique and well-designed centerpiece for your garden. If you have a porch or deck outside, you may also come up with a glass table using the pots as the base. It all lies on your own artistry and style.

When it comes to repurposing your garden planters, your options are limitless. You just need to be creative, resourceful and the push to bring these ideas into life. Once you do, you can pretty much build anything out of them.