Fresh: The Real Secret To Good Mexican Food

Tacos and Salsa

More people are demanding freshly made food. They aren’t afraid to pay a little more for dishes made on the spot or for locally-sourced ingredients. The biggest beneficiary of this trend may be Mexican food.


California has a reputation for having the best Mexican food. The state has an abundance of Mexican influence in its local fare. But as one writer stresses, they still rely on premade tortillas, which reportedly has the texture of “a roof shingle” and the taste and smell of “baking soda.”

What’s lacking in California Mexican food is what makes food spots like Lorenzo’s popular. They prepare their food fresh and the chef keeps the dishes authentic. Today’s diners appreciate that kind of thoughtfulness behind every meal.

Prepared with genuine concern not just for its taste but authenticity as well, freshly made food is also about healthy choices.

Why It’s the Best

Any dish that’s not prepared properly with the right ingredients can be unhealthy. Mexican food is no exception. Some burritos could contain ingredients that have high levels of fat, sodium, and calories. If a restaurant decides to use processed meats instead of fresh cuts, entrées could come with more saturated fat than you need to consume in a day.

Served with fresh meats and vegetables, though, Mexican food can be the best daily diet. Consider the vibrant pico de gallo, the grilled seafood, and the abundance of vegetables and herbs in any dish. Also, you can choose to dine on plant-based dishes or try vegetarian options.

Mexican food, with the array of vegetables and herbs in every dish, is better when it’s fresh. The restaurant you choose can source its ingredients locally and make every meal a la minute or prepared to order. This kind of dedication to making good food doesn’t just guarantee the best tasting meals, but also the healthiest ones, too.