Four Reasons to Replace Your Tires

Auto repair staff working on car tire

Just as your shoes get worn out after months of use, the tires on your car also go through the same thing. Although tire repair experts in Kaysville can help you, you can also do some things by yourself to ensure that your car tires remain in good condition.

Here are some of the signs that your tires already need repair:

Tread wear

The tread on your tires shouldn’t fall under 1.6 millimeters in depth. It can potentially be dangerous, especially if you drive on wet surfaces on a regular basis. You may want to get a gauge to measure the depth of the tread accurately or use a penny to do the trick. All of you have to do is to take a Lincoln-head penny and insert Abe’s head, facing head down, into the tire tread.

Tread wear indicator bars

Newly designed tires now have tread wear indicator bars that gradually appear as the tread wears down. If more than one of these is evident, then it indicates that the tread is getting low.

Tire damage on the sidewall

Tire problems don’t appear in the tread alone. In fact, it can also appear on the sidewall. Look for any cut or track on the sidewall that are apparent to the naked eye. Such cuts could mean that your tire is forming a leak. You may want to go to a repair shop if it’s starting to look serious.

Blisters and bulges

Bulge or blister usually occurs when the exterior cover of the tire starts to weaken. These weak spots can result in a sudden burst, which can cause a serious accident if left untreated. Constant exposure to the head may also cause blisters to appear on your tire.