Finding a Cure: 4 Must-Have Goals of Healthcare Providers

Doctor Holding an Injection

Ideally, healthcare should embody three things: meet the needs of patients, be free at the point of delivery, and be received based on patients’ clinical needs instead of their ability to pay. Healthcare systems around the world do integrate these three goals, but only in varying degrees. Below are some areas that health centers and leaders should improve on.

1. Engaging More People Online

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2. Reaching More Patients in Rural Places

People in rural areas should have the same access to medical treatments as those in urban areas. This, however, is a glaring problem for many developing countries, as well as other states in developed ones. Once more health centers or clinics are set up in countryside areas, then people in critical condition could then get treated immediately.

3. Reducing Mortality Rates

The U.S. has one of the highest infant mortality rates. As a solution, the state of Georgia, for one, has had its health department identify six areas in the state with the highest mortality rates. A campaign was then initiated that educated healthcare providers and patients on how to better care for the babies. This shows that mortality rates, especially in infants, is a serious problem that needs concrete solutions.

4. Lowering the Cost of Treatments

In the U.S., the cost of an MRI or magnetic resonance imaging is 12 times higher in the most expensive markets compared to the least expensive ones, according to The New York Times. MRI, which produces images of a patient’s anatomy, is important for doctors to examine the body. But if the price is high, then this would only aggravate the situation of patients. This necessitates steps from the government and from private healthcare systems to lower the cost of treatment so more people could avail of it.

To conclude, healthcare was ideally designed to meet the needs of people. With reports about high mortality rates and high costs for treatments, however, the healthcare system needs to find a cure for these problems by engaging more people, educating them on proper care, and making payments easier for them.