Enjoy life with a beautiful smile

Smiling Girl

Regular care is important for a healthy mouth but a great smile should be the first thing that people notice. If you are uncomfortable with how you look, you may feel awkward in social situations or avoid photographs. Damaged, misaligned, crowded, discoloured or missing teeth can diminish your looks but help is at hand. Did you know that there is a branch of dentistry solely committed to the beauty of your smile? Cosmetic dentistry focuses on enhancing the appearance of your teeth and mouth.

A solution for every problem

Blue Sky Dentistry in Northern Ireland offers patients a range of treatments so that, whatever the issue, there is a procedure which can help. Crowns, bridges or implants can restore one or more missing teeth. If your teeth are discoloured due to stains, damage, smoking, age, fluoride or antibiotics then there are specialist whitening treatments available. Veneers are another option to improve your appearance using a thin layer of porcelain which is bonded to the tooth. Many adults miss out on having their teeth realigned as children but it is never too late. You do not have to put up with metal braces nowadays, thanks to invisible braces, such as clear plastic aligners. A series of custom made trays gently guide the teeth into the correct position so treatment is faster, more comfortable and less obtrusive than before.

Long-term advantages

In addition to giving you a smile to be proud of, cosmetic dentistry can help with some health issues. Braces in particular offer great benefits. Straighter teeth are easier to clean as there are fewer places for plaque to build up. This keeps your teeth strong and significantly reduces the chance of gum disease. An incorrect bite where the teeth do not line up properly can cause the face to collapse, leading to sagging, a protruding chin or droopy smile. This can be unsightly but it can also cause wearing, damage, sensitivity, pain, headaches or even pain in other parts of the body. Cosmetic dentistry could be an investment in your appearance and your health.