Concrete Cutting Safety

Cutting Concrete in Ogden

Cutting Concrete in OgdenAll construction projects involve some kind of cutting of the concrete or boring of the core cement blocks. It is important to be safe while cutting concrete. This process appears to be straightforward and simple, but it’s important to take care while cutting or boring concrete. It is best to consult a service provider specializing in concrete cutting in Ogden.

Dust control

Concrete dust is dangerous to health. They can damage the eyes, sinuses, and lungs. Concrete dust is abrasive and corrosive, so it can damage the internal organs when it’s inhaled. This dust is generated when concrete is drilled or cut. There are some methods you can use to avoid this dust from spreading.

Wet cutting

One option is wet cutting and the second is using pneumatic devices, which will pull away the dust in a stream of air. Water can prevent the dust from being generated. Water can also cool the tools and lubricate the cutting devices that are usually used. When you use the wet cutting method, you need proper drainage for the water to be drained off. If you use electric cutting tools, water can prove to be fatal, so adequate care should be taken.

Careful drilling is important

If you’re using core drilling equipment, take extra precaution. The suction that’s used to keep the machine in place when you drill should be effective and functional. If the floor is smooth, the suction would be better. But then the resistance to the rotation will be lesser, especially if the concrete is wet. Rough flooring will give you more resistance, but the suction might not work effectively. It might be a good idea to anchor the base properly and not completely depend only on the suction.

For safe concrete cutting, you will need sharp cutting tools, a supply of cool water, well-maintained equipment, and a skilled operator.