Common Signs That Your Water Softener Needs Repair

Running water from kitchen tap

Water softeners are a crucial addition to many homes. They provide numerous benefits when in proper working condition. These range from soft and comfortable clothes, bright shining dishes and healthy skin and hair.

Like most home appliances, however, they might break down. Knowing the signs that your machine is not functioning in well could prompt you to call a water softener repair technician in Salt Lake City. Here are a few indicators of your water softener’s need for repair.

Your Soap Is Not Lathering

You will first notice that there is a problem with your soap lathering in the shower. You will need more soap than before to get a luxurious and sudsy bubble. This is as a result of the difficulty in getting a lather out of hard water. If you notice your skin is dry and itchy after a shower, this might also indicate that you have hard water.

Cloudy Dishes

Your dishes should typically appear bright and shiny after a wash. If you notice that they are cloudy with smudges and water spots, then your water is hard. The stains and smudges on your dishes result from the mineral deposits of hard water and sometimes the soapy residue as the soap does not lather well in hard water.

Your Water Tastes Saline

If there is a salty taste in your tap water, this might be an indication that your water softener has broken down. Salty water might also mean that the water softener needs cleaning or refilling. If you have cleaned and refilled the softener yet the water is still salty, it is time to call a water softener repair technician.

Waiting for too long before calling a water softener repair technician might cost you significantly. The mineral deposits of hard water will form a crust build up inside your dishwashers, washing machines and faucets. This will need costly repair or replacement of your appliances and taps.