Common Mistakes That Lead to Significant Water Heater Issues

Shower water heater knob

Your water heater is undoubtedly a crucial home appliance. It, after all, ensures you have a bountiful supply of hot water for various household needs. Keeping it in good working condition is hence essential.

There are some homeowner mistakes, however, that might necessitate frequent water heater repair here in Utah. These repairs might be not only expensive but also time-consuming.

Here are some mistakes you should avoid to keep your water heater in pristine working condition.

Draining the water heater yourself

Removing your water heater at regular intervals is essential to prevent sediment build up. Doing this yourself can, however, cause significant problems, especially if there is substantial sediment build up.

Water drainage at times causes the formation of hot spots at the bottom of your tank, which melts down its steel, and the hole formed is filled with sediment. Sudden water displacement unplugs this hole and leads to leakage of your tank.

Tinkling with the pressure and temperature valve

‘Exercising’ your temperature and pressure valve regularly is recommended to keep it in tip-top shape. It is tempting to adjust the pressure and temperature valve on your water heater yourself.

You might not, however, be in a position to re-attach it adequately, which might lead to escape of scalding water causing extensive property damage and severe burns.

Turning the heater on before your tank gets filled

If you turn on your water heater when the tank is not yet filled, this will cause its components to get dry fired. Dry firing at times can also cause the tank to explode. This typically happens when the heater components crack under the heat pressure.

The most prevalent cause of water heater breakdown is DIY repair attempts. Regardless of the issue with your heater, always call an expert to handle the repairs. This not only ensures the repair is well-handled, but also enhances your home’s safety.