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4 Ways to Make the Most of Your VoIP Network

November 18, 2014 Admin 0

You are at a café and got an urgent call for a conference—on your Android phone. You’re on the road and received an important voice message—in your e-mail inbox. Your company has a phone number […]

system development
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Managing Your IT Projects Professionally

October 20, 2014 Admin 0

Managing an IT project can be challenging, especially if there is too much at stake. While most people think of an IT project as involving software development only, that is not always the case. There […]

cloud server
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Step into the Future: Life with Cloud Technology

September 29, 2014 Admin 0

Business applications are typically costly and complex. With software, computers, servers and other such devices, operation costs just kept going higher. Sustaining these setups pose a challenge to many small businesses. Many of today’s businesses […]

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Automation is a Good Thing

January 7, 2014 Admin 0

With automation happening in virtually every aspect of daily life, fears of a machine takeover in the style of the Terminator movies are beginning to sprout. But, automation isn’t nearly as sinister as most people […]

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Protecting Mobile Phones with Screen Protector

January 3, 2014 Admin 0

A screen protector is important to maintain the value of your phone. These mobile accessories prevent scratches, glare, and ease eyestrain. As it uses a paper-thin plastic material, it does not affect the regular use […]

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Free Audio Editors that are Worth Trying

December 11, 2013 Admin 0

Creating your own music is now easier through free audio editing software. With plenty of reliable and free editing tools available, there’s no reason not to try them first before you look at the ones […]

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Filezilla: Your Own FTP Server

November 14, 2013 Admin 0

One of the simplest ways to exchange files on the Internet is using file transfer protocol or FTP. FTP is a standard protocol for transmitting files between computers connected to the web. It is commonly […]

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Handbreak: Ripping DVDs the Easy Way

October 30, 2013 Admin 0

Ripping copies of your DVDs so can play them on any device has never been easier. With a lot of free tools and applications available online, you can finish the process with just a few […]