Woman with a flawless skin

Here’s How You Can Get That Flawless Glass Skin

October 18, 2018 Admin 0

The Internet has been going crazy over the latest Korean beauty trend known as the “glass skin.” This skin care trend pertains to the appearance of crystal-clear, porcelain-like skin. However, achieving this glowing and dewy […]


4 Reasons to Go to a Spa Getaway Now!

May 14, 2015 Admin 0

Oh, the smell of scented candles, pure oils, and fragrant soap! A spa is like an improved, longer, and more relaxing version of a bath. Whenever you feel like work or home duties are just […]

wholesale dresses

Three Elements of Korean Fashion

December 12, 2013 Admin 0

Korea is a global leader in many things, including the world of fashion. The dawn of the 21st century saw the growing popularity of Korean drama and music across East Asia, influencing the fashion taste […]

viking helmets

Vikings: The Seafaring People of the North

December 9, 2013 Admin 0

From books to movies, there are many references to the Vikings. Pop culture often depicts them as a bunch of warmongers and barbaric brutes. Some associate them with the trademark horned helmets of the Vikings […]