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Keep Safe: OSHA Standards for Fire Extinguishers

March 26, 2014 Admin 0

Fire extinguishers are standard safety features that can save lives. Public buildings, private homes, and any other type of establishmentshould also have as to this type of equipmentto put out or prevent fire from spreading. […]

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Travel and Family Time in One

March 24, 2014 Admin 0

“The family that prays together stays together,” but why just pray when you can travel instead? Most people love traveling because exploring new places is a fun thing to do. Better yet, why not travel […]

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Not Worth It: Choosing Hospitals

November 18, 2013 Admin 0

Nearly three months ago, a woman gave birth on a train traversing Manila as she and her parents were on their way to the hospital. The group, coming from the metropolitan outskirt of Antipolo, was […]