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The Hard Facts About Teaching English Abroad

May 18, 2016 Admin 0

There are many ways to teach English abroad. You can choose to be a freelance teacher or join a private teaching academy. Before you start registering online, though, remember a few things. Familiarity VS. Proficiency […]

Parents and Kids

Making Kids Geniuses

December 19, 2015 Admin 0

All parents absolutely want the best for their children, and that includes helping them explore their environment to develop their minds. While most believe that geniuses are naturally born geniuses, scientific studies show that anyone […]

Radioactive Waste Disposal

What Do You Know About Radioactive Waste?

July 6, 2015 Admin 0

It feels a little like the concept of radioactive waste is far too detached from a person’s daily living because it is not familiar and urgent – you don’t walk around every day thinking about […]

Nick Holonyak Jr

Who is the Father of the LED?

March 5, 2015 Admin 0

The light emitting diode is one of the best and most underrated inventions of the twentieth century. It’s a light source that’s more efficient and environmentally friendly than almost every other light source in the […]

Team Members

Bring Back the Spark: Re-engaging Team Members

January 24, 2015 Admin 0

A company or workplace full of unmotivated and disengaged employees can be devastating to a business. Other than bringing negative energy to the office, they don’t do their jobs well and might also be driving […]