Buyer’s Guide: All about Recreational Vehicle and Its Different Types

For families who like to go camping during holidays, a recreational vehicle is of great importance. RVs, unlike typical family cars and vans, provide the necessary conveniences when going on leisure tours. They are equipped with the comfort features of home – making it a home away from home – a mobile one at that.

Make sure you get the best from your hard-earned cash when buying your recreational vehicle. Now, how do you get the best deal when buying an RV? As suggested by Texas RV dealers, buyers must start by educating themselves about the available options.

Whether you’re buying a brand-new or a preowned unit, the following guide to the different types of recreational vehicles can help you.


A motorhome is a recreational vehicle that has its living quarters. They are also known as campervans or campers. These RVs fall into three categories, which are based on the vehicle’s size and features. Class A motorhomes are the most familiar; its name is almost always synonymous with the term “recreational vehicle.” These motorhomes are favored for their big size, providing enough space and comfort for a big family.

Small families usually prefer a class B motorhome for its modest size. Smallest of the three categories, class B campers offer only limited space. While the interior might look snug and warm, the space issue makes it less than suitable for long periods of stay. What’s great with these campervans is they contain common amenities of class As and Cs.

Class Cs are called mini-motorhomes but don’t get fooled by their nickname. Some class Cs can be of the same size as a class A RV. Its distinct feature is the over-the-cab extended section where an extra bed sits. Class C campers usually have similar features as Class As.


Towables are a general term for RVs that require to be towed by another vehicle. This type of RV includes travel trailers and fifth wheels. Travel trailers are a good choice if you already have a vehicle with towing compatibility. Fifth wheels work similarly as trailers, but its distinguishing feature is the gooseneck section. This feature makes fifth wheels suitable only for pick-up trucks and other vehicles with a flat bed.

Learn more about your options by working with a reputable RV dealer near you.