Best Types of Natural Stone for Kitchen Floors

kitchen room interior

There are plenty of adverse elements that affect your kitchen floors. These include a constant plod of feet, dropped utensils and spills. The floor you select to remodel your kitchen with should be able to handle all these elements and maintain its durability and appearance.

The best floor material for homeowners investing in kitchen remodelling is natural stone, which renovation expert Serenity Kitchen and Bath knows a thing or two about. Other than withstanding a range of adverse elements without damage, natural stone remains attractive even with constant trend changes.

Here are some natural stone options for your floors.


Granite is formed naturally under very high pressures and is hence an extremely durable material. Though typically used for kitchen counters, granite is still an excellent choice for your floors. You can even opt to match the granite for your kitchen’s floors and counters to make a design statement. Granite floors are easy to maintain and clean with a sealer and stone-safe granite cleaner.


This material resembles travertine but is more durable compared to the latter. Limestone has striking grain patterns which can be cut into long and narrow lines to look like wood. You will need a sealer to protect limestone against moisture buildup since it is porous. You can also minimize its porosity by opting for high-density limestone.


This is the best choice for homeowners looking for an industrial or rustic appearance. Slate typically has a natural look and hence only needs a slight polish to boost its anti-slip texture. To create an exceptional look, you can pair your slate floors with cabinets with a natural and light wood finish.

No material option for kitchen floors beats natural stone in luxury and elegance. Some retailers grade the above materials as grade I-III with I being the highest quality. Each natural stone floor is eco-friendly and can be customized in various ways to create a unique kitchen floor.