Basketball Injuries That Made the World Gasp and Cringe

two men playing basketball

Basketball is a fast-paced, action-packed sport. While the world has witnessed some of the greatest plays in history, the sport has had its fair share of jaw-dropping and spine-chilling injuries. A trusted doctor who is practicing sports medicine in Provo, Utah cites some of the worst accidents in basketball history and the treatments done.

Ray’s Eye Injury in 2006

Viewers thought Allan Ray’s eye popped out during the 2006 Big East Tournament. Playing for Villanova University, Ray was poked by Carl Krauser of Pittsburg, resulting in what looked like an eye-popping injury. It was actually a lot less gruesome than that.  Ray’s eyelid slipped behind his eye, causing soft tissue damage.

Fortunately, he was back in the hardcourt in less than a week. Allan Ray moved on to play for Boston Celtics and for several teams in Europe after 2007.

Livingston’s Dislocated Kneecap in 2007

In 2007, attending physicians feared that Shaun Livingston’s leg might need to be amputated. Playing for the Los Angeles Clippers, Livingston landed badly after a shot, causing his left kneecap to be dislocated. The baller also suffered three torn ligaments. Thankfully, amputation was avoided and after a year of therapy, Livingston was back and continued to play for the Clippers.

Bogut’s Dislocated Right Elbow in 2010

Bogut always seems to find himself in an accident, which he attributes to nothing more than bad luck. Just four minutes remaining in a game against the Phoenix Suns, Bogut went for a dunk and had to hang on to the rim for a bit before falling awkwardly. Bogut badly dislocated his elbow, which affected his game performance.

Tomjanovich’s Face Hit by Kermit Washington

An on-court fight in 1977 during a game between the Lakers and the Rockets ended badly for Rudy Tomjanovich. In this scuffle among several other players, Kermit Washington saw Tomjanovich running towards the crowd and served him a punch square in the face. The towel used to stop the bleeding from Tomjanovich’s face was dripping in blood. The injury ended the player’s career.

Sports medicine can provide immediate medical assistance to fallen players and help them recover. The risks of injuries can be reduced by wearing the right protective gear, such as shoes that provide adequate ankle support.